Week Four/Sixteen

In Chris MacDougall’s book, Born to Run, Caballo Blanco is quoted as saying, “Think Easy, Light, Smooth, and Fast.”

There’s more to it than that, but, well, I’m still working on easy.

But I might be getting closer. Tuesday was a progression to tempo pace, 12k altogether, kick it up a notch each of the last 5k till I’m running at my 10k pace. Although the first 7 seemed like I was still in plodding hippo mode, the next kilometre seemed to be a little easier even as I stepped up the pace. Maybe it was because my breathing became (of necessity) more rhythmical or maybe because I lengthened my stride out the back a little. By km 11 I was getting tired but I still seemed to be running well—perhaps like the horse heading back to the barn, but I like to think that I’ve surmounted some kind of stickiness.
Thursday wasn’t so bad either, although it wasn’t supposed to be hard.

Saturday was the long run, same distance as last week (21k) and, although it was a bit easier, there wasn’t a whole lot of floating. My quads hurt mightily by 15k and bloody glad to be done.

Ah, well, back to trying for “easy.” I’ll have to read the book again.


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