I was feeling less than inspired with my regular running routes the other day so I decided on running west on Hwy #7. Generally it’s pretty fresh out here but a truck passed—a bit stinky—and I caught myself starting to whine. But I could be in town, I thought.

Or I could be in Australia where the air pollution from the bush fires has had tennis players at the Open drop out, or just drop. Dalila Jakupović had to quit after a coughing fit had her sinking to her knees.
I could be trying to run in that.

Or I could be running in India. My deepest respect to runners there.

I could also be poor. Pollution is much worse close to major traffic routes and guess where the less expensive real estate is (at least in the city)

On one hand we sometimes go out to run to forget our worries or all that political stuff. But breathing IS political stuff. Climate change can affect our running, Industrial and agricultural pollution can affect our running. Economic justice can affect our running, And all of these are tied to political policies.

So I told myself to “quitcherbitchin” and enjoy the fresh country air. I will be grateful for every breath—so many each run. And maybe the clear air will contribute to some clear thinking about what I can do.


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