Upping the Ante

Sent my plan off to a couple of friends and they basically said, “Well, yeah…” and thought I should do a little more, and after doing the base-training weeks, decided I could do a little more. So I obsessed again over the plan and brought in the Intermediate Marathon plan, jigged it a little to fit around the Around the Bay. Now I’m happy. I still have a couple of weeks until it starts in earnest, but in the meantime I’ve increased my long-run distance to 18k and the week before last ran over 40k so I’m a little more confident about attacking this new plan.

As I was graphing things to make sure the progression seemed right, I began to understand better that it’s not just the long run that makes the week. It’s the week as a whole. And it’s not just a series of long runs, it’s all the work in aggregate. I hope I still believe that come the end of May in Ottawa!

Also managed to get in the gym last Monday after my Posterior Chain Gang group run. The run was a lovely warm-up, and the gym is right around the corner from the library where the PCG meets so there were no excuses. Gathered up the courage to attack squats, first with a light weight so I could remember how to do them, then picked up at 30lb and did a set of 6. Ok, that’s enough for today. Also did some side leg work and assorted planks, then ran home (A mere .6k—pretty spoiled!)

The following day was a short run and helped loosen up the legs and butt. Yoga later in the day was hard but useful, and the savasana was truly delicious. Wednesday rest, Thursday easy run. Did my long run on Friday instead of Saturday but because it was a cut-back week, only planned for 12k. Actually did 10 because I had runner’s brain and turned around too soon. But it was a lovely run, one of those where I’m so grateful to be able to do this, an I-must-be-drunk-with-endorphins kind of a run. I guess that’s what a cut-back week will do for you. Easy Saturday run up the trail.

So this week I’m back in the gym again. Braver about the squats with 2 sets of 8@30lb. Might have done more, but my legs were pretty trashed most of last week so we’ll leave it at that for now. Planks and leg stuff again. Feeling less panicky about trying to make myself bulletproof before the training plan really begins, but my ankles recovered from stroller-pushing last Monday, and my feet are feeling better with lots of massage with the spikey ball. I think I can, I think I can…



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