Around the Bay 30K

Spent much of the day planning my running between now and the end of May. Calendars and charts, penciling in workouts and arrows. Plotting and scheming.

Looks like I should be able to fit in the Around the Bay 30k in Hamilton at the end of March. As long as I just run it as part of my Marathon training I should be fine.

Booked a place to stay. It has, among other amenities, a clawfoot bathtub, and I’ve booked the Sunday night as well so there will be time to look after this tired body.

Finally decided I’d better register for the darned race.

Talking to friends this evening, they acknowledged this whole Marathon training will be quite the undertaking. Yes, indeed, no small feat for this puppy.

Now to get off the cursed computer and go to bed. Get that rest I’m going to need.


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