Perhaps I’m Daft

Last night, encouraged by the successful outcome of a much-needed massage and spurred on by several tweets by my #RunAtCan friends, I finally jumped on the computer and signed up for the Ottawa Marathon. The full-meal deal. The whole enchilada.

I’ve been thinking about it for a while. I’ve done three half-marathons, two of them pretty good, and a bunch of 5s and 10s so I thought I could be ready. But I held off actually registering until I knew my left leg felt a bit better. Now I’m good to go.

Just before I turned off my tech for the night I checked to see what pace I would need for a Boston Qualifier. 6:24 minutes/km. Okay. That’s not impossible.

This morning I woke up thinking 6:24 for 42.2. I’ve got to be nuts!
Back to my Twitter feed and enjoyed lots and lots of encouragement and felt a bit better. So now it’s planning and then a whole bunch of running and strength training.

Wish me luck!


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